“Blood sugar instability is the leading cause of cognitive issues”


“The average American consumes 152 lbs of {added} sugar each year”


“The average woman is going to put on 168 chemicals each day”


-Dr. Mary Pardee


Modern day America has cultivated the perfect environment for a half-asleep, cognitively challenged, overweight and sugar crazed population. So where do we turn from here? What habits can we take on to pivot from this harsh environment? 


Dr. Pardee is a naturopathic practitioner that sheds some light on what it means to improve our cognitive function and what little adjustments we can make to see long lasting improvements. Take a listen and peak the time stamps below:


1:57 Fecal Microbiota Transplantation….what?!

5:40 Dr. Pardee’s new Gut health course 

7:00 Cognitive function 

8:11 The missing links for cognitive function today

10:00 Oxygenation to the brain

10:52 Brain protection from free radicals

11:20 Nutrition destroying brain health – blood sugar

13:36 Craving sugar or caffeine can indicate insulin resistance

15:50 Alzheimer’s in young people

16:50 Chemicals on the body

19:00 Best practices for cognitive health

24:00 Sleep deprivation, metabolism, and the brain

31:45 Brain activities

41:00 Importance of doing your own research

45:00 Memory

51:00 Curcumin, Berberine, Resveratrol 


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