What exactly is kombucha? What should one be looking for on a kombucha label? Will Kombucha make me “caffeine jittery” like tea and coffee? How much alcohol is in Kombucha? 


“Kombucha is medicine.” 

-GT Dave


Many of us have hopped on the trend of this fizzy drink, Kombucha, without knowing much about it or its benefits. Today we sit down with the pioneer of Kombucha to talk about what it is and the delicate process as to how it is made. GT Dave is founder of GT’s Living Foods (and arguably Father of Kombucha) and led the charge of bottling kombucha commercially and making it accessible in households in the early 90’s. Kombucha is one of the many beautiful fermented foods we have that acts as medicine. Check out our timestamps with GT Dave below:


3:02 GT and the influence of his holistic childhood

11:29 What is kombucha and how is it made?

16:50 Kat’s craving of Kombucha after pregnancy

17:26 How much caffeine is in kombucha?

19:56 How sugar works in Kombucha 

21:09 Many kombucha brands under-ferment Kombucha

22:58 Read the Kombucha label 

30:30 Kombucha alcohol percentage

35:30 “Sugar” is overly demonized

38:53 A day in the life of GT Dave