What is the controversy with mammograms? What is thermography and how does it worK? Are wired bras a problem for breast tissue? 


If you or someone you love has ever fought the hard fight against breast cancer or have just been wondering how to take care of your breast health, this episode is for you. Dr. Kat says “Love yourself enough to do your own research.”


Dr. Kat is a specialist in Thermography, a technique that uses infrared cameras to detect abnormalities in tissue in the body sometimes earlier than conventional technology. Today we sit down with Dr. Kat to discuss breast cancer, wired bras, EMFs, and how to combat fear when it comes to your health. 


4:20 Early detection in physiology with Thermography

5:40 Controversy in healthcare for breast health

6:50 Getting rid of fears when health is challenged

8:00 What to do to help the body do its job

15:30 Cellphones and Bras

21:00 Magnesium and Calcium with breast health

24:50 Listening to your gut