Have you ever wondered what the big hype is around organic food? Does conventional farming really harm the environment as people claim? Is it worth spending the extra money to go organic?


If you have been wondering about the battle of these two sections in the grocery store, then this episode is for you. 


Today we sit down with organic expert and activist, Max Goldberg, who gives us some insights to the industry as well as what’s going on in the white house, and some organic travel tips. Max Goldberg’s website www.livingmaxwell.com is a global resource for the organic industry. 


1:45 How Max went organic

9:20 Feeling good going Organic

11:15 Organic Food vs Conventional Food

12:45 Watch out for Glyphosate 

16:00 Tangible tips to find organic

19:00 Max’s food on a typical day

21:25 Food activism in Washington

27:47 Where you put your money in the grocery store

30:10 Is Denmark the best place for organic?