What can your mouth say about the rest of your body? 


Everything consumed via the mouth eventually makes its way down the GI tract and can be absorbed into different systems all throughout the body. The mouth can be the “canary in the coalmine” and has been linked to a wide range of different diseases, which is why proper oral care is so critical. That’s right, pick up that floss stick! 


Join us for some tips today on improving oral hygiene:


3:10 Supplements and vitamins to boost oral health.

4:14 Brushing your teeth at the right after eating acidic foods is a no-no.

4:55 Getting rid of that plaque.

5:50 Oil pulling.

6:15 What toothbrush are you using?


Additional Plugs:

  • @organic_olivia is a great resource
  • Biocidin oral flush 
  • Dr. Axe has supplements supporting oral health 
  • Ionicbrush: https://theionicbrush.com/
  • Mind Body Green Oral Hygiene Article: