Dr. Jana Hibler is the first naturopathic doctor to be welcomed into the hospital system of west Michigan. As a third-generation physician, Dr. Jana has gone against the grain of traditional medicine in her family and focuses on integrative components. In this episode, we get to ask Jana tips on balancing the “Hormone Triangle” involving cortisol, thyroid hormones, and sex hormones.  


3:06 Dr. Jana talks about allopathic versus naturopathic, especially in her household

4:20 Dr. Jana discusses the “Hormone Triangle” of the thyroid, cortisol, and sex hormones

7:40  Addressing Thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue

9:15  Zinc Selenium and Iron as cofactors for good thyroid function 

11:09 Gluten and Thyroid function connection

13:45 Sex hormones and the shift to an estrogen dominant state

16:00 Stool and its indicators

17:29 Five things to recalibrate this “Hormone Triangle”

20:30 Sleep’s healing properties

34:10 Nutrition & GMOs

41:00 Navigating the harmful/hidden ingredients 

45:45 Best advice to live life organically


Jana references “Food Fix” by Dr. Mark Hyman