We felt this podcast was in strong alignment for all of us around the world at home due to COVID19. While it may feel like the globe is at a halt with enumerable unknowns, it can also be used as a time to delineate what’s important and to rethink what “flowers to water” in life.
Dr. Pedram Shojai is a Taoist monk and Doctor of Oriental Medicine who practiced for years in Asia and emerged to enlighten the modern Western World of the disconnects faced every single day. He is a NY Times Bestseller, creator of Well.org, and has produced numerous documentaries focused on critically evaluating the consumer-driven world we live in today.
 Pedram joins us to talk about:
•8:34 Understanding where “No” comes from and how to say it
•11:00 Practicing life in the right part of your brain
•13:30 Minimalistic practices & learning to discern what you do/don’t need – especially with possessions
•18:49 Prioritization of getting back to nature & watering the “flowers” in your life
•22:44 Moving from southern California to the mountains of Utah
•36:02 3 Tangible takeaways to better your day