If you are battling depression, anxiety, self-doubt, or lack of confidence, this episode is for you. You can stop saying “this is just the way I am,” because it is possible for you to change the way you live your life through changing your thought patterns.

In this episode of Be Organic, we have a brain optimization expert, Dr. Cynthia Kempinski, who walks us through how the wiring of our brain works, how it’s possible to actually rewire it, and what practices and lifestyle shifts we can make in our lives today to optimize it.

Dr. Kempinski is a clinician who specializes in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and physician-grade supplementation. She utilizes holistic methods in order to get to the root cause of her patient complaints and offers an individualized treatment plan to help them achieve optimal health.

What you’ll learn:

How thoughts create your reality 3:15
Creating new thought patterns 7:00
The intensity of your thoughts 8:30
How to know which thoughts are toxic 9:45
How to create new thoughts 10:30
The power of gratitude 16:00
Nutrition for your brain 20:45
Supplements for your brain 23:30
CBD for your brain 26:00
Lifestyle tips for your brain 28:30