Welcome to episode 12 of the Be Organic Podcast

What if we told you your prescription medications, or your specialized diet, weren’t necessarily for curing your health issues? What if all you had to do was address your emotional blockages? In this episode, guest Dr. Lynn Ward shares a new outlook on our physical ailments and how all disease begins with our emotions. She explains why our emotional body is heavily impacting our physical body, and why we must address our emotional blockages if we want to obtain optimal health.


Dr. Lynne Ward, Naturopathic Doctor and owner of Foundations for Health, holds certifications as a Master Herbalist, Health Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist, EVOX Specialist, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. She is also a board certified AADP Practitioner. Dr. Ward has been involved in natural health since 1999, and is passionate about helping her clients “rebuild their health from the inside out.”  


What we discuss: 


How emotions are connected to our health (2:20)

The difference between spirit and soul (4:20)

The benefits of blessing your spirit (6:55)

How your emotional body impacts your physical body (10:30)

Landon’s personal experience healing hypothyroidism and Hashimotos through focusing on healing his emotional blockages (14:10)

Dr. Lynn’s personal perspective on autoimmune diseases (16:25)

How different emotions place stress on different organs (18:15)

How trapped emotions act inside your body (21:45)

The Emotion Code, Evox, and talk therapy (22:10)

What positivity can do for your body (24:15)

Lifestyle and nutrition factors that increases/decrease voltage in your body (25:45)

Dr. Lynn’s opinion on what’s causing the majority of health issues in the world today (27:30)

How things we see and hear affects us on a physical level (29:25)

Example cases Dr. Lynn has seen of people healing physically through emotional healing (32:40)

Working through emotions vs. suppressing emotions (34:15)

Dr. Lynn’s best advice for living life organically (35:45)