Welcome to Episode 3 of the Be Organic Podcast
How many times have you heard the secret to weight loss is eating less calories than you burn? Now let us ask you this: How successful has this tactic been for helping you not only lose weight, but helping you keep the weight off long-term? Most likely your answer is not very successful. That’s because weight loss is much more complex than simply burning more calories than you consume. Long-term, this approach will kill your metabolism, disrupt your digestion, and prevent you from losing weight.
In this episode of Be Organic, hosts Kat and Landon Eckles chat with Courtney Burisch on the important factors that play into weight loss–most importantly your metabolism and digestion. Courtney dives into what is causing your slow metabolism and digestion, the serious roll over-exercising plays, and what you can do to ensure the two are optimized.
Courtney Bursich is a certified health coach who has an obsession with finding the best ways to beat disease and live our best lives. If you are tired of the modern-day approach to healthcare, and the limiting mindset of “diet” culture, then Courtney is your girl!
What is discussed in this episode: 
Why weight loss more than just calories in/calories out
  • The damage “calories in/calories out” mentality does to your body
  • What causes a slow metabolism and poor digestion
  • Why exercising more is preventing you from losing weight
  • The problem with the keto diet
  • Why it’s okay to eat more carbs
  • How fasting boosts your metabolism and improved digestion
  • Lifestyle changes you can make for optimizing your metabolism and digestion
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